Out Of Africa – The Top 3 African Safari Experiences

For nature lovers there can be no greater delight than seeing animals in their natural environment and for those who want the thrill of a lifetime the best destination to do this is without doubt Africa.

The African safari experience has been enjoyed by thousands of people who have marveled at sights and sounds of some of the most impressive animals and natural vistas on the face of the planet.

However for those who want to enjoy that once in a lifetimes safari experience there really is only one question that needs an answered which is the best safari experience that money can buy?

Here are three of the top safari experiences that can be enjoyed on the African continent.

1. Group Travel.

With more and more families and groups of friends choosing to spend time together on safari the choice of which destination to choose becomes extremely important. For these types of groups, the option of group travel to either Botswana or Zimbabwe are highly recommended.

A sample itinerary for a trip to these two countries would include stops in the magnificent Okavango Delta and Chobe in Botswana, Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

Accommodation choices vary but can include luxury family tents which hearken back to the days of the first explorers to venture into these parts of Africa – a treat for young and old alike.

However, Botswana has become extremely pricey so many travelers are also investigating safari options in Namibia which is rapidly becoming one of Africa’s premier safari destinations.

Sometimes the best way to travel as a large group is by bus. There are lots of options for African online bus tickets available on the web.

2. For Honeymooners.

The romance of Africa is well known to provide some of the most long-lasting memories for newlyweds and the sheer variety of the experiences available means that a honeymoon in Africa will provide an experience that will simply never be forgotten.

The beauty of the honeymoon experience is that it can start in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Cape Town in South Africa. The honeymoon couple can explore the city and its astounding nightlife and great natural beauty before setting off to enjoy the flora and fauna to be found at safari destinations further to the North.

Once leaving Cape Town the honeymooners would be well advised to visit the Kruger National Park – one of the worlds top wildlife destinations. The ledges here are world class and for added excitement, there is also the option of staying in a luxury tree house. From there a trip to Mozambique is highly recommended for who want to relax next to azure waters and enjoy pristine beaches and some of the best snorkeling opportunities in the world.

3. The Freedom of Driving.

For those who want to immerse themselves in Africa but still have the freedom to explore at their own pace, there can be few better options than a self-drive safari adventure. One of the best places to enjoy this is Namibia where the haunting deserts and abundant wildlife are the perfect recipes for adventure.

Some of the highest dunes in the world and endless expanses of the unspoiled beach, as well as wildlife that can be found in its natural habitat, make Namibia a premier Safari destination. There’s also no need to rough it the safari infrastructure in the country has developed rapidly and there are some excellent luxury lodges in the country.

As a bonus, a safari in Namibia offers exceptional value for money. The Namibian dollar shares the same value of the South African and so American dollars or Euros make really treating oneself absurdly cheap.

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