Experience These Five Top Adventures When You Visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Have you heard of the Zambezi River? You will be right next to it when you plan a trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Did you know that Zambia is connected to Zimbabwe by the Victoria Falls Bridge? What are the top attractions in Victoria Falls? It all starts with Victoria Falls, a giant waterfall, and I’m going to throw in a couple bonuses. Here are the top five places of interest in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls is said to be a bucket list thing to do, one of the natural wonders of the world. There is a picture on a top travel site that shows the waterfall and a giant rainbow right beside it, and it’s beautiful. Reviews talk about making your way to what’s called Danger Point and other areas where you can take in the most magnificent views. As for the other areas besides Danger Point, there are 15 of them. That means there is plenty to explore while you are checking out Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls Bridge has mentioned already, and it is another place you will want to check out. It is located at Livingstone Way at Victoria Falls, so I’m going to count this one as a bonus and not the 2nd attraction. You can go bungee jumping off of the bridge, and you can also take in some spectacular views there, too. You are right on the Zambezi River, and so it is certainly a place to check out.

You might also want to check out Crocodile Ranch. Have you ever held a baby crocodile? You might think you don’t want to because it sounds a little scary. Still, it actually seems like a really cool thing to do though if you think about it. It’s the only time that you can get up close and personal with a crocodile. There is a curio shop there, too, and that is sad. There are also lions at the ranch according to reviews. You are going to see crocodiles of all different ages at Crocodile Ranch, and it is certainly an interesting attraction in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Let’s get a few bonus activities for a minute. You can yo kayaking and canoeing, and you can go skydiving. These are awesome activities to consider. You can look into the companies that offer these adventures, and you can also go scuba diving, horseback riding and river rafting. There are also 7 different helicopter tours that are available as well.

Now, how about a safari trip? Wild Horizons Elephant Back Safari is said to be a once in a lifetime experience. Can you imagine doing all of the things that have been mentioned so far? Picture skydiving over the Zambezi River and checking out the Victoria Falls waterfall. Then you get to hold a baby crocodile and ride an elephant on a safari trip. The entire trip to Victoria Falls is filled with bucket list type experiences.

Now get ready for Victoria Falls Snake Park. It is located on Adam Stander Drive, and there are all kinds of snakes there. It might not seem like the greatest place to be since there are all kinds of venomous snakes there, but they are well-contained of course. When do you ever get to see a black mamba? It would certainly be an interesting place to check out.

The top attraction in all of Victoria Falls is Victoria Falls National Park. There is a rainforest walking tour there, and you can also visit Livingston Island. The Falls are of course over in this area, too, but the National Park is the broader area. Some say it is best to see all of this during the rainy season, just to give you an extra tip.

There are also other walking tours you can take, room escape games and much more. You will find all of these things to do in Victoria Falls, and it will be a great adventure for sure. Have a great time exploring the many wonders of Zimbabwe, and Zambia, too. Victoria Falls National Park, in general, might be a good place to start, and then you can work your way from there. The trip should be a lot of fun, an experience of a lifetime.

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